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What is the colour of sustainability?

We do not know. That is why we cannot promise to make your project greener.
But we can make it more sustainable.
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We are a consulting company specialised in evaluating and supporting the development of sustainability solutions for circular economy, based on resource efficiency.

Our analysis of the challenges is supported by a life cycle thinking, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental problems.

Samuel Niza has over 20 years of experience in industrial ecology and business sustainability. He has coordinated and developed numerous environmental and energy assessment projects, particularly focusing on sustainable resource

management and life cycle assessment of products and services. Samuel Niza also has extensive experience in regional planning projects and environmental policies.

Samuel Niza holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering, is a member of the IST/IN+ research centre and a member of the F3 – Food, Farming and Forestry College of the University of Lisbon.


email: samuel.niza@circular-cs.pt

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuelniza/

Some works:


From an economy based on ecosystem services (environment as source and sink), to an economy based on the optimisation and circular management of resources.



Being a privileged partner of companies and institutions seeking for continuous improvement of performance in terms of sustainability.


Contributing to speeding up the transition to the circular economy and foster the sustainability of businesses and regions.

Circular Economy

Our company has extensive experience in promoting sustainability and eco-efficiency through the implementation of services based on the concept of circular economy.

We implement customised solutions according to the needs of each client, ensuring a positive impact on the planet through the reduction of negative environmental
We also ensure a positive impact on the economy by reducing costs, increasing
productivity, improving resource management and improving the quality of services and products.



Circular Economy

Strategies, solutions and planning for circular economy


Resource Management

Functional solutions to manage the use of materials and energy


Waste Management Plans and Policies

Solutions and planning for efficient waste management


Environmental Assessment and Reporting

Environmental and territorial planning and research


Industrial Metabolism

Accounting and analysis of material, energy and water flows


Metabolism of regions and urban areas

Research and analysis of consumption and resource management


Energy, water and materials analysis

Resource Efficiency and Business Sustainability


Regional and urban food planning

Research and analysis of local food resources


Sustainability Plans

Research, planning and development of sustainability plans


Life cycle assessment

Ecological Footprint,Carbon Footprint and Water Footprint, of products and organizations

The colours of sustainability

Get to know some of our most recent projects here

Hub Criativo do Beato Living Lab, Circular Food System | EEA Grants, with Lisboa E-Nova and Startup Lisboa

“RePesca” – Assessment of fishing gear material flows in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. Strategic recommendations | Região Autónoma da Madeira, with 3Drivers

Assessment of good practices of sustainability and circular economy in furniture industry | APIMA, Associação Portuguesa de Indústrias de Mobiliário e Afins, with The Choice

Circular Bioeconomy Strategy and Action Plan for the Pinhal Interior Region | Environmental Fund, with 3Drivers and EY.

Circular Economic Indicators: A Contribution to the National Statistical System | LIPOR, with EY

Test and optimization of a methodology to evaluate the performance of the circular economy in the agro-food chain | ADENE

Participatory assessment of the state of recovery of organic food waste in Lisbon | Lisboa E-Nova, with Loccimetro

Metabolism of the Autonomous Region of Madeira | Autonomous Region of Madeira, with 3Drivers

Study of Industrial Metabolism in the aim of the North Regional Agenda for the Circular Economy | CCDR Norte, with EY

Metabolism in the Algarve Region | CCDR Algarve

Circular Economy Agenda for the metallurgical and electromechanical sector in Portugal | ANEME, with CH Business Consulting/3Drivers

Industrial Metabolism and Circular Economy in the Metropolitan Area of Porto | LIPOR, with EY

Thematic Agenda for Research and Innovation on Circular Economy for FCT | Science and Technology Foundation

Accounting and analysis of the dynamics of material flows at different scales – the case of Portugal, Lisbon Metropolitan Area and Lisbon Municipality | IST

Life cycle assessment for the development of an environmental product declaration for the Lighting Columns family | Metalogalva, with PbP Lda.

Life cycle assessment of a car textile product – Environmental Product Declaration | Borgstena Portugal, with Stravilia

Environmental Product Declaration of Lattice Tower | with PbP Lda.

Update of the packaging waste life cycle inventory, specific emissions | SPV – Green Dot Society

Environmental Product Footprint of animal feed. Comparative analysis with reference product and measures for company improvement plan | PEFMED project

Life cycle assessment of two modes of production of lettuce – organic and conventional | Study coordenation

Development of the Food Planning component in the revision of the Master Plan of Sobral do Monte Agraço municipality | Sobral do Monte Agraço municipality with Geoestratégia/Loccimetro

Consultant of the Museum of Lisbon in the aim of the exhibition “Hortas de Lisboa. Da Idade Média ao século XXI“


Our network of partnerships allows us to complement our services, with:

Clients and Partners


Rua Fialho de Almeida n.º 11, 2º Esquerdo
1070-128 Lisboa



email: samuel.niza@circular-cs.pt

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samuelniza/

phone: +351 96 486 27 46

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