What is the colour of sustainability?

We do not know.

That is why we cannot promise to make your project greener. But we can make it more sustainable.

Sustainability Solutions

Sustainability requires offering goods and services at competitive prices satisfying customer requirements while progressively reducing the environmental impact throughout the lifecycle and the use of natural resources over time.

We are a consulting company specialized in evaluating and supporting the development of sustainability solutions for circular economy, based on resource efficiency.

Our analysis of the challenges is supported by a life cycle thinking, ensuring a holistic approach to environmental problems.


CIrcular Economy

Our company has extensive experience in promoting sustainability and eco-efficiency through the implementation of services based on the concept of circular economy.

We implement customised solutions according to the needs of each client, ensuring a positive impact on the planet through the reduction of negative environmental options.

We also ensure a positive impact on the economy by reducing costs, increasing productivity, improving resource management and improving the quality of services and products.


To be a privileged partner for companies and institutions that seek continuous improvement in performance in terms of sustainability.


Contribute to accelerating the transition to the circular economy and ensuring the sustainability of companies and regions.

What we can do for you

Conhecer e Quantificar

Conhecer e Quantificar

Solutions require adequate knowledge of the problems and characterization of the reference situation.



Identify critical points and study potential alternatives.



Defining the most efficient systemic solutions, supported by an implementation plan and performance indicators.

We assure customised solutions according to the needs of each client, ensuring a positive impact on the planet through the reduction of negative environmental options. 

Circular Economy Strategies

Strategies, solutions and planning for sustainable resource management

Life cycle assessment

Environmental Product Declarations, Ecological or Carbon Footprints of products and services

ESG Assessment and Reporting

Supporting companies to develop and communicate their sustainability strategy

Environmental Assessment

Environmental and territorial planning and research

Waste Management Plans and Policies

Solutions and planning for efficient waste management

Regional and Urban Food Planning

Research and analysis of sustainable food systems

Research and analysis of resource consumption and management

Análise do metabolismo de regiões e áreas urbanas


Some of our latest projects

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Partnership services

Our partnership network also allows us to provide services such as:
Technical, operational and compliance audits
Environmental and energy certification
Industrial and environmental licensing
Environmental and quality management systems